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AD9850 DDS signal generator

AD9850 DDS signal generator

Short Description:

  • Model: AD9850 module; DDS signal generator
  • Brand Name: Chipskey
  • Condition: Brand New With Original Manufacturer

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Detailed Description:


Main features:

  • Modules can output sine and square wave 2 sine wave and 2 square wave output.
  • AD9850: 0-40MHz
  • AD9851: 0-70MHz
  • After 20-30MHz frequency harmonics, the waveform will be less and less clean.
  • Square Wave: 0-1MHz
  • 70MHz low-pass filter, so that the waveform of the SN ratio is better
  • Parallel port and serial data input can be selected by a jump cap
  • Produce DA benchmark pin (PIN12) leads to the amplitude of the output waveform, easy to do conditioning applications.
  • Comparator reference input voltage is generated by a variable resistor, to adjust the resistance can be a different duty cycle square wave
  • AD9850 module 125MHz active crystal, AD9851 module 30MHZ active crystal

The main difference of the AD9850 and AD9851

  • AD9850's highest clock frequency of 125MHz, AD9851 the highest clock frequency of 180MHz. The maximum output frequency AD9851than AD9850 high.
  • AD9850 no 6 octave, AD9851


Product Features: 

1.)The module can output sine wave and square wave,two sine waves and two square waves output

  • AD9850: 0-40MHz 
  • AD9851: 0-70MHz 
  • Square wave: 0-1MHz
(The after harmonic becomes bigger and bigger when the frequency is between 20-30MHz,and the wave form becomes unclean.)

2.)70MHz low-pass filter makes the SN ratio of the wave form much better

3.)Generated DA reference pins(PIN12)extraction is convenient for the amplitude control application of input. wave form.Input voltage can be generated by variable resistance, if you adjust the resistance, you can get different duty ratio square wave. 

4.)AD9580 adopts 125MHz active crystal. 
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