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Terms and conditions

1. Terms of purchase  



The service provider for Internet sales through ArduBotics shop is the company Ardubotics Ltd. Trade and Services (hereinafter referred to as Ardubotics Ltd.), Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 34007088561, EU VAT: HR34007088561. The end user is a visitor of these pages, and the buyer is the visitor pages that fill the electronic order and make payment by credit card / slip / internet banking.


By using this web site end user / customer confirms that he is familiar with and agrees with the General Conditions and all other items of business. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the rights and obligations relating to the purchase of products or services over ArduBotics shop and the rights and obligations arising from the Contract of the sale at a distance (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) between the consumer as the end customer and Ardubotics Ltd., are considered an integral part of such contracts.


We urge our customers before buying they read and are acquainted with these Terms and Conditions and that they regularly review T&C (or at least before buying), in order to be informed of any rights and obligations.


Ardubotics Ltd. reserves the right to modify these Terms and Condition at any time without prior notice and will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from such changes. These changes come into force by publication on our website.


Ardubotics Ltd. reserves the right to discontinue services and content changes at any time without prior notice and will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from such changes. These changes come into force by publication on our website.


Using services ArduBotics shop shall be granted only to adults. Use of  ArduBotics shop by children or minors is not allowed, and the parents and / or guardians are required to pay attention, otherwise assume all rights and obligations resulting from such use is on them.Ardubotics Ltd. is not responsible for any consequences of such use.


Ardubotics Ltd. fully disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy and / or completeness of any information and content contained on website www.ardubotics.eu. Ardubotics Ltd.. reserves the right to mistakes in the description and illustration of the product.


Pictures product on ardubotics.eu are illustrative. The picture that illustrates the product on the website ardubotics.eu my not fully correspond to the actual design and content of the product. Ardubotics Ltd. will publish most accurate and current information on our websites ardubotics.eu, but does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness.


2. Terms of Sale




These Terms and Conditions of Sale specified with information about certain products constitute of an offer for signing Contract that Ardubotics Ltd. and the user as a customer with their registration by signing orders or otherwise determined by these Conditions accepts the same, which is deemed to have concluded an agreement between the user and the Ardubotics Ltd. And the conditions of sale set forth herein.


The subject and the commercial purpose of the Agreement is the purchase of selected products or services through ArduBotics shop in exchange for payment - the total cost of that product or service. The contract is concluded the means of distance communication (contract concluded at a distance) and via the Internet.


Agreement enters into force and shall be binding from the moment the customer accepts the offer Ardubotics Ltd. the way to fill the electronic order and make payment by credit card / slip / internet banking.


a) In the process of registration or create a user account, the user is required to choose the name or the name under which the exercise of service and choose a backup password and provide a valid e-mail address. All data required for registering or creating an account must be true where expressly prohibited from using or use other people's data.


b) Join or create an account just for one person and not allowed to communicate information on registration or account to third parties. User is obliged to keep information about their security password and account. It is not permitted to use someone else's registration or account.


c) For the violation of provisions of the Terms of this chapter, Ardubotics Ltd. reserves the right, in its discretion, to extinguish the registration or account user without any compensation to any cost or damage.


d) registering (which includes payment services) it is considered that an agreement was concluded between the Ardubotics Ltd.. and the user as a customer.


e) The Agreement shall enter into force upon making the registration of users, or from the date when the user accepts the conclusion of such an Agreement.


f) The user can unilaterally terminate the contract within 14 (fourteen) days without giving a reason.


The deadline for unilateral termination of the contract is 14 (fourteen) days from the date when the user or a third party designated by the user, which is not a carrier, the goods that are subject to the Agreement committed in possession, or in the case of services, from the Contract.


Goods for which the termination of a contract should be undamaged and only in its original sealed packaging. Return should be arranged in advance, and the cost of return shipping is on buyer. The goods should be sent to: Ardubotics Ltd. Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb with the Note: ArduBotics shop return and attach a written reason for the return.


With goods meeting the return of the paid compulsory should be attached warranty card and a copy of the invoice or just the original account (for goods to which the guarantee provided exclusively ArduBotics shop) and form for unilateral termination of the contract. Also, if the returned goods ordered with free shipping, refund will be reduced by shipping costs that were valid at the time.


To being able to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement, shall notify the Ardubotics Ltd. of its decision to unilaterally terminate the agreement before the deadline and unequivocal statement sent by e-mail at info@ardubotics.eu, which will list your name, address, telephone number, email address and order number, and can be used and specified written form for unilateral termination of the Contract (download Word file).


Also, the form of unilateral termination of the Contract user can electronically fill in and send to info@ardubotics.eu in which his case Ardubotics Ltd. submit without delay a receipt notice of unilateral termination of the contract by e-mail.


If the user unilaterally terminates the contract, it shall he return the money he had received from him, including the costs of delivery, without delay, and no later than fourteen (14) days of the Ardubotics Ltd. the user receives its unilateral withdrawal from the Treaty. The refund will be made in the same way that the user has paid for. Refunds Ardubotics Ltd. can be made only after the goods have been returned and verified that no damage occurred after the goods were handed over to the possession of the user or a third party designated by the user, which is not the carrier.


The user is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of goods, other than that it was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.


If the user requests execution services began during the period for unilateral termination of the contract, the customer is required to pay Ardubotics Ltd. an amount that is proportionate to what is delivered to the moment when the user is informed of Ardubotics Ltd. unilateral termination.


The user has no right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement:


- If the service is completely filled, and the fulfillment began with his express prior consent and with his confirmation that he is familiar with the fact that they will lose the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement if its service is completely filled


- If the contract goods are sealed for medical or hygienic reasons, not suitable for return and was unsealed after delivery


- If the subject of the Contract for goods which because of its nature after the delivery is inseparably mixed with other things


- If the contract delivery is audio recordings or sealed video recordings or computer software which were unsealed after delivery




The main characteristics of the product, method of use, price, special actions and benefits, methods of payment and delivery apply to those valid during the completed orders. These data will be indicated with each product.


Product price, shipping cost and VAT, are visible in the shopping cart before the conclusion of the order. The cost of delivery can be seen even in other parts of the site. All the information on the certificate of purchase on the basis of electronic orders will be submitted to the email address listed in the customer process of registration / order or shopping cart while entering data when closing orders. All prices are in Croatian kuna (HRK), EUR (€) . All prices include VAT.


If the buyer does not receive notice of the order confirmation, it is possible that they entered wrong address as their e-mail. In this case contact us at info@ardubotics.eu.



Shipping conditions for Croatia and rest of the World are different if you need shipping inside Croatia please click on LINK

Depending on available and preferred carrier for your product we dispatch your orders with: DHL, DPD.

We have divided our shipping cost for all outside Croatia on 2 zones:

  •         Zone Europe
  •         Zone World

In following section you can see transit times for each carrier.

There are options for the delivery for EU and World (items available on our stock in Croatia-Europe):

Europe :

  1.      DPD Standard ( 3 - 7 work days)

World : 

  1.      DHL Express ( 7 - 14 work days)

Regional Delivery :

  1. We also provide regional delivery applied to both B2C and B2B customers by A2B Express or In-Time TNT to: Slovenia, Serbia, BIH, Macedonia and Montenegro. 

    This service is available on demand by client - prices are definded by Proforma Invoice.

    For this option contact us directly on: info@ardubotics.eu


Items not available on stock or can't be added to cart can be bought by Proforma Invoice were shipping cost will be added to order. For this option contact us directly on: info@ardubotics.eu

Applied to both B2C and B2B Customers.

Deadline for processing orders - in the ordinary conditions is 1 - 2 work days - from the first working day after the apparent payment in our system for a closed order.

Delivery time - in regular conditions, we are implying on regular order processing at all stages, the correct operation of operating system, regular delivery of goods from suppliers and the usual conditions for the transport and delivery. In case of emergency following which it is possible to delay delivery of shipments, we will timely notify each customer of a possible delay in the delivery of consignments.




Ordered products are packaged in a way that ordinary manipulation in transport / delivery are not damaged. The buyer is obliged in retrieving the review package shipments. If the packaging of the consignment has visible damage / defects, we recommend that the buyer refuses to receive the same because there is a possibility that the product inside the packaging of such damage. By refusing receipt, delivery service will return the shipment Ardubotics Ltd., noting that the consignment contains disadvantage.


Complaints related to product defects and all other objections can be lodged in writing via e-mail e-mail address support@ardubotics.eu.


In the case of justified complaints allows the termination of the contract with refund or replacement product. In case of damage and / or failure of the goods supplied, the buyer should send the photo above complaints in order to take account of the same on the basis of physical evidence. Advertised damaged and defective goods the buyer sends back a Ardubotics Ltd. If it is determined that the claim is valid and that the buyer did not affect the malfunction, damage or any other lack of goods, the cost of the return shipment (which will subsequently be returned) bears Ardubotics Ltd.. In case of unjustified claim the cost of returning the buyer.


In the event of a dispute over the justification of the complaint and / or the way the product was returned (the product has to be unused, in the unchanged amount and in its original packaging, with the original bill presented and garuntee if there is any, and all other accessories that go along with it) the product will be given to expert witnesses or expert legal person. In the event that the expert testimony establishes the justification of the complaint, all of the cost of replacement or repair of the product bears Ardubotics Ltd., in the case of unjustified claim the cost will be borne by the buyer.




Products for which is guaranteed in accordance with the law and the guarantee established by the manufacturer's warranty card (SainSmarta microcontrollers only Guaranteed by ArduBotics shop). The right to use the guarantee is achieved by presenting the original invoice and warranty card or only the original invoice (in second case guarantee for microcontrollers from SainSmarta is provided by ArduBotics Shop only by original invoice no warranty card). The buyer shall keep the warranty card and Invoice. Date of invoice is the date from where the activation of guarantees starts.


In the case of the issuance of the guarantee paper manufacturer which guarantees the safety of products during the specified time the customer can, if the product is defective, require that the product be repaired within a reasonable time or to be in operating condition before the second such correct product. If during the warranty period occurs defect in the product delivered to the back Ardubotics Ltd. , To the following address: Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb.


Malfunction of the product resulting from improper use and / or failure to comply with instructions is not provided by the warranty.



Payment of product prices and shipping can be done in the following ways:


a) Payment by credit or debit card - PayPal payment Gateway

Payment using PayPal payment gateway with all supported cards.


b) The payment slip 

Products for which it is concluded the order can be paid by money order in all Banks, Post offices, or any other payment accepting institution. After order confirmation you will see on your screen all information needed for payment if you don't see them please contact us on support@ardubotics.eu

Client can also ask for quote or Invoice and pay by payment slip.


c) Payment of internet banking

Products for which the order is completed can pay via internet banking by any bank in which client has open online banking account. After order confirmation you will see on your screen all information needed for online payment if you don't see them please contact us on support@ardubotics.eu

Client can also ask for quote or Invoice and pay by payment slip.

3. Data protection when buying

Ardubotics Ltd. undertakes to respect the anonymity and privacy ArduBotics shop and will use the data and processed solely for the purpose specified by these Terms. Ardubotics Ltd. may collect personal information, such as name, address, national identification number, telephone number or e-mail address only if the user voluntarily submit Ardubotics Ltd.


Ardubotics Ltd. will use the information solely for the purpose fulfilled contractual obligations and have better insight and understanding of individual needs, habits and requirements of users as well as to further develop and service quality for all Ardubotics Ltd. collect, process and publish data on customers relating to the method of use ArduBotics shop without disclosing the identity of the user and / or personal data that allow the disclosure of the identity of users.


Ardubotics Ltd. collects and records data on the IP address (Internet ProtocolAddress) user or the location of computers for the purposes of system administration, troubleshoot, certificates download content or to improve the technical aspects of Internet service. Ardubotics Ltd. the automated record data on the habits of using ArduBotics shop by its users, including the log file on visiting specific pages and / or content. Such data Ardubotics Ltd. will be used solely for the purpose of improving its services and customization and individualization of promotional activities to the needs of each user.


Ardubotics Ltd. does not record your credit card number or store transaction data. Ardubotics Ltd. billing credit card uses the services of a third party, an authorized bank, the encryption protecting your information.

4. Communication Ardubotics Ltd. with users

By registering, you consent to your Ardubotics Ltd. in order to promote services and products can be via e-mail notifications of changes or adding content pages, discounts, promotions, products or changing the way services are provided. The user can at any time withdraw the said approval.


5. Forum

Suitable for all age groups: language, material and content

  • Posts can be in English or Croatian. If you post published in another language, your post may be modified or removed.
  • Posts published in Croatian language will be translated by the administrator or moderator (posts will include Croatian and enegleski language)
  • ArduBotics aim of the forum is discussion of robotics, electronics and the same projects. Irrespective of the content may be removed.
  • ArduBotics Forum is intended for people of all ages (ie "family").
  • You are free to disagree with others and give their opinion, but always to do with respect.
  • Do not use any language, text or sound that might offend others.
  • Moderators can modify or remove posts that are considered offensive or derogatory to individuals or companies.
  • If you find objectionable material or feel offended log post. DO YOU back.
  • Download / open files is at your own risk - we can not check them all.
  • Posts express the views of the author and not by ArduBotics Shop

Disclosure: The appropriate category, and title information

  • Understand and Observe the copyrights of other people, websites, software, and print media before publication.
  • Read forum categories prior to publication; Off topic posts will be moved to the correct category.

                   - Ask a question: the best place for a quick question / answer

                   - Project Discussion and choice: Show and talk to you about the project, product, etc.

  • Titles like "Help, or" I'm stuck "have little value now.
  • Provide as much information as you can in the form of description, pictures and videos.
  • If you are replying to a query and deviate from the main subject, please start a new topic as well.
  • If no one responds to your question or respond to your post, please "abandon" him instead of again setting again.
  • If you submit a request via the card support center ArduBotics, we can only respond through forums.


Privacy and Property

Membership information are kept confidential and are not for sale or distribution to third parties.

ArduBotics Shope does not assume ownership of the content you submit and the content is assumed to be "public".

Respect the privacy of other members and individuals.

Do not post personal information.

6. Cookies

User Privacy 

In order for this website to work properly, and in order for us to be able to continue improving it with the aim of enhancing your browsing experience, this website has to store a small amount of information on your computer (Cookies). By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. If you disable cookies you will still be able to browse this website but you will not be able to use some of its functionalities.

What are cookies?

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Cookies can store a wide range of information including personal information (such as your name or email address). However, this information can be stored only if you enable it – web sites cannot gain access to information or files on your computer if you haven't given them the access. Activities of storing and sending cookies that are set are not visible to you. However, you can change the settings in your internet browser in order to choose for yourself if you want to accept or reject the request for storing cookies, delete the stored cookies automatically when closing the internet browser etc.

How to disable cookies?

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Does ardubotics.eu use cookies?

Yes, with the primary goal of providing better user experience on our web site.

What kind of cookies does ardubotics.eu use and why?

  • Session cookies –  These are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically deleted) at the end of a browser session; that is, when you leave the site. We use session cookies to allow access to contet (for signing in with personal data on a website) and to verify your details while you use the website.

Does the web site have third party cookies?

There are several external services which store limited cookies. These cookies are not set by this web site, but some of them enable normal functioning of certain possibilities which provide users with easier access to the content. Currently we are enabling:

  • Measuring visits
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Google Analytics - https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

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