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GY-31 TCS230 TCS3200 color sensor

GY-31 TCS230 TCS3200 color sensor

Kratki Opis:

  • Model: GY-31 TCS230 TCS3200 color sensor; color recognition module; color sensing module for arduino
  • Brand Name: MIC
  • Condition: Brand New With Original Manufacturer

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  • Using imported chip TCS3200
  • The TCS3200 is TCS230 upgraded version better
  • Power supply 3-5v
  • Resistance to light interference
  • White LED can be controlled on, off.
  • Can detect non-luminous object color
  • Best detection distance 1cm



(1) color induction principle
Color of objects commonly seen, in fact, the surface is irradiated to it absorbed white (daylight) part of the colored components, while reflecting the other part of a colored light in the human eye response. White is a mixture of various frequencies together to form a visible, that contains a variety of white color shade (such as red R, yellow Y, green G, blue V, blue B, purple P). According to the German physicist Helmholtz (Helinholtz) theory shows that the three primary colors, each color is different proportions of the three primary colors (red, green, blue) mixture.

(2) the principle of TCS230 identification color

Consists of three primary colors induction principle, if you know the composition of all sorts of color of color values, will be able to know the color of the test object. For TCS230, a color filter is elected, it only allows certain primary pass, stop by other color. For example: when choosing a red filter, the incident light can only red, blue and green are stop, so you can get the red ray of light intensity; By the same token, the choice of other filters, you can get the blue light intensity of light and green light. Through these three values, can be projected onto a TCS230 sensor on the color of the light.

Put: > > > > GY-31 TCS230 TCS3200 color sensor

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