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DS1302 real time clock module with battery CR2032

DS1302 real time clock module with battery CR2032

Kratki Opis:

  • Model Number: DS1302 real time clock module with battery CR2032
  • Brand Name: Chipskey
  • Part number: DS1302
  • Brand: MIC
  • Lead Free Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
  • Condition: Brand New With Original Manufacturer

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Detaljan Opis:

DS1302 DALLAS company launched the trickle charge clock chip contains a real-time clock / calendar and 31 bytes of static RAM, and communicate via a simple serial interface with the microcontroller. 

The real-time clock / calendar circuit provides seconds, minutes, hours, day, week, month, year, and can automatically adjust the monthly number of days and the number of days of the leap year. 

Clock operation by the AM / PM indication, the decision to adopt a 24 or 12-hour format. Between the DS1302 and the microcontroller can simply synchronous serial communication only used three lines of: (1) RST Reset (2) I / O data line (3) SCLK Serial Clock. 

Clock / RAM read / write data to a byte or character groups of up to 31 bytes of communication. DS1302 working when the power consumption is very low to maintain data and clock information when the power is less than 1mW

DS1302 osnovne performance:

  • 1. real-time clock can be calculated before 2100 seconds, minute, hour, day, week, month, year capacity, as well as leap year adjustment capacity
  • 2. 31 8-bit temporary data storage RAM
  • 3. serial I / O port, making the least number of pins
  • 4. wide range of operating voltage 2.0 5.5V
  • 5. Operating Current 2.0V, less than 300nA
  • 6. read / write clock or RAM data when there are two kinds of transmission mode in a single byte transfer and multi-byte the transmitted character group way
  • 7. 8-pin DIP package or an optional 8-pin SOIC package surface mount
  • 8. simple 3-wire interface
  • 9. Vcc = 5V TTL compatible
  • 10.  Optional industrial temperature range of -40 to +85
  • 11.  dual supply pipe for the main power and backup power supply

DS1302 real-time clock modul parameteti su:

  • 1. PCB single panel size: 44mm * 23mm * 1.6mm
  • 2. with four positioning holes, diameter 3.1mm
  • 3. Spare batteries the genuine celestial CR2032 Voltage 3V, current 260mAh, non-rechargeable batteries. The theoretical data retention time is more than 10 years!
  • 4. Crystal 32.768KHz, Japan imported crystal, matching capacitance 6pF, and size 2 * 6mm
  • 5. DS1302 8-pin DIP made large chip, chip below IC sockets for easy replacement and plug chip
  • 6  module operating voltage compatible 3.3V/5V, can be connected with 5V and 3.3V microcontroller

Operating Temperature: 0 ° --- 70 °

Wiring methods (provided by the program, for example, you can pick any IO port port definition can be modified in the program):

VCC → +5 V/3.3V


CLK → P02

DAT → P01

RST → P00


The 1.VCC to GND Do not reversed, it would burn the chip

2.51 MCU P0 port pull-up resistor, if your microcontroller does not have pull-up resistor, data lines connected to the other end of the  

Put: > > > > DS1302 real time clock module with battery CR2032

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