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DC 5V 1-Channel Low Level Trigger Relay Module

DC 5V 1-Channel Low Level Trigger Relay Module

Kratki Opis:

  • Model: DC 5V 1-Channel Low Level Trigger Relay Module
  • Brand Name: Chipskey
  • Condition: Brand New With Original Manufacturer

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Detaljan Opis:

  • The module complies with international safety standards, control area load area isolation groove;
  • Genuine relay Songle;
  • With the power and relay action instructions, pull bright disconnect does not shine;
  • When a signal in the signal input terminal, the common terminal and the normally start conduction;
  • Microcontroller development board can be used as a module that can be used as a home appliance control;
  • The control of the DC or AC signal, can control 220V AC load;
  • There is a normally open and a normally closed contact;
  • Blue KF301 terminals to the line of control is more convenient.

High level trigger is a trigger voltage between the signal input and ground can be understood as a way of the signal input terminal and VCCcathode short trigger.

Low trigger means is the voltage between the signal input terminal and the ground for the OV trigger mode can be understood as a way of thesignal input terminal and GND negative short trigger 1 relay module wiring.


  • LED indicator light for power on and contacting status indication;
  • Output terminals are the three screw terminals with blue plastic casing: the terminal in the middle for Com. the left one for NO,the right one for NC;
  • It can be used as a relay module for various logic control units;
  • Low level triggering means that when the voltage between the input terminal(IN) and ground(GND) is 0, the relay will be activated.
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