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VK16E GMOUSE GPS Module SIRF3 chip ceramic antenna TTL signal 9600 baud

VK16E GMOUSE GPS Module SIRF3 chip ceramic antenna TTL signal 9600 baud

Kratki Opis:

  • Model: VK16E GMOUSE GPS Module SIRF3 chip ceramic antenna TTL signal 9600 baud
  • Brand Name: Chipskey
  • Brand: MIC
  • Lead Free Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
  • Condition: Brand New With Original Manufacturer

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Detaljan Opis:

VK16E weight of about 14 grams, the same with the specifications of the product is the smallest, highest performance, most sophisticated GPS module.

Built with fast positioning and the ability to track 20 satellites SIRF III generation chip, built-in backup battery, built-in high gain LNA,, Dual LDO, PCB Immersion Gold process, a large area of radiology GPS signal, not the general locator comparable. Better and more stable signal. With selectable baud rate and other 4800,9600,19200,38400,5700,115200 RMC, GSV, GSA, GGA, VTG, GLL and other statements that can be freely combined, allowing you to use the product easier.

The default output for the 9600 standard (if you need to use other baud please take notes about the desired baud rate, we have for you to modify the way you want 4800-38400.)

VK16E module wiring, 6PIN the pin is connected to GND, RX, TX, VCC normal communication can be set aside: BOOT, PPS positioning instructions and respond to external users upgrade program features.


  •   Model: VK16E
  •   The main chip: SiRF Ⅲ C / A code, 1.023MHz stream
  •   Receive frequency: L1 [1575.42MHz]
  •   Tracking Channels: 20
  •   Support DGPS [WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS]
  •   Positioning performance
  •   <10 m (position independent)
  •   <5 meters (WAAS)
  •   Drift: <0.02m / s
  •   Timing Accuracy: 1us
  •   Reference coordinate system: WGS-84
  •   Maximum altitude: 18,000 m
  •   Maximum speed: 500m / s
  •   Acceleration: <4g
  •   Electrical properties:
  •   Tracking Sensitivity:-159dBm
  •   Acquisition sensitivity:-153dBm
  •   Cold start time: 39s [average]
  •   Warm start: 37s [average]
  •   Hot start time: 1s [average]
  •   Recapture Time: 0.1s [average]
  •   Operating temperature: -30 °C to +80 °C
  •   Package Dimensions: 28 * 28 * 8.4mm;

Elektronička svojstva sučelja:

  •   Wide voltage range: the main power supply is +3.5 V ~ +5.0 V, owned RTC power
  •   Bottom: 25 * 25 * 4mm ceramic antenna
  •   Output Data Baud rate 4800bps or 9600bps or customized according to customer requirements
  •   Output SiRF binary data type or NMEA 0183 V3.0 (GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG) protocol data

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