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EinScan-Pro - Ručni 3D skener

EinScan-Pro - Ručni 3D skener

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The EinScan-Pro is your best choice for capturing real world data to convert into a digital 3D model. It can be used for consumer and commercial applications in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, testing, artwork archival, animation and even human form acquisition. The EinScan-Pro 3D scanner allows you to use physical objects to better conceptualize an idea or create a starting point for modeling in CAD (Computer Aided Design).

No Scan Limits

The EinScan-Pro includes accessories for good color texture capture for objects ranging in size from 0.03m (.0011in) up to 4 meters (13ft).

Four Scan Options

Choose the scan mode that best suits your needs. The EinScan-Pro offers Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Free Scan, or Automatic Scan.

  • Handheld Rapid Scan for portable, rapid scanning
  • Handheld HD Scan for capturing objects with high accuracy (50 microns)
  • Automatic Scan for completing a 360-degree scan in just 1.5 minutes
  • Free Scan for scanning larger objects

EinScan-Pro Features

Example Scans

See the EinScan-Pro Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner in Action


Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Auto Scan Free Scan
Accuracy 0.1mm 0.3mm Single Scan Accuracy: 0.05mm
Scan speed 15 frames/s 10 frames/s Single scan: <2s
Point distance 0.2mm-2mm 0.5mm-2mm 0.16mm
Single scan range 210*150mm
Light source White light LED
Part size range (recommended) 0.03m-4m 0.15m-5m 0.03m-0.15m 0.03m-4m
Align mode Mark point align Feature align Turntable align Compatible: mark point, feature, or turntable align
Texture Scan No Yes*
Outdoor operation No (affected by strong light)
Special scan object** Rich surface feature needed
Printable data output Yes
Data format OBJ, STL, ASC
Scan head weight 1.75 lbs (0.8kg)
System support Win7, Win8, Win10, 64bit
Display card NVIDIA GTX660 or higher, Display memory: >2G, Processor: I5 or higher, Memory storage: 16G or more

*Texture scan camera and software module available for purchase
**For transparent, reflective, and dark objects, please spray object with powder first before scanning.

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