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Pro-Bot® - Class pack

Pro-Bot® - Class pack

Set includes 6 Pro-Bots, different Activity Mats, USB Charge strip and Probotix software. 

Pro-Bot is an educational robot for preschool and elementary school children that enables more complex programming. In addition to the navigation and numeric keys, the ProBot is also controlled by the Probotix software, which is based on the Logo programming language.

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  • Set includes 6 Pro-Bots, 3 Mats, Probotix softvare and USB Charge Strip
  • Advanced programming learning for preschool and lower elementary school children
  • Programming via control keys on the robot or via Probotix software
  • A special slot for inserting a pencil or felt-tip pen for drawing default shapes
  • LCD screen for following default commands
  • Built-in Repeat function for entering and tracking more complex commands
  • Built-in touch, sound and light sensors allow interaction with the robot and monitoring the dependence of input and output data


Pro-Bot is an excellent educational set for introducing children to programming in the Logo programming language.

This robot is the "big brother" of Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot because it allows more advanced programming and more precise movement by entering commands to move through the navigation keys, but also the amount of a certain movement, through the numeric keys.

Like the turtle that draws (leaves a trace) in the programming language Logo, according to the given commands, Pro-Bot also draws different shapes, depending on the given command.

By pressing certain control keys, commands are displayed on the LCD screen in text form, with a special label indicating the command being executed at that moment.

Programs can be edited and changed on the LCD screen using the control buttons, without the need to re-enter the entire program.

Pro-Bot has a built-in pen or felt-tip pen slot and draws different shapes, depending on the given command. With different options for executing and drawing different commands, the robot has the ability to enter and store subroutines that can be built into the main program.

Pro-Bot also has a built-in Repeat function, which allows it to repeat and execute more complex commands and draw complex shapes.

 For a more complete programming experience, the Pro-Bot has built-in touch sensors in the front and rear bumpers and sound and light sensors, allowing it to react differently to the situations in which it finds itself. All of these challenges are fantastic for developing logical and mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, as well as their collaborative learning skills.

Control methods:

• Control arrows and numeric keys on the robot

• Probotix - commands can be written to the program and transferred to the robot or typed to the robot and transferred to the program, for editing and storage. Commands are transferred via USB cable.


USB cable is included.



With 3 levels of difficulty built in, Probotix is a great tool to allow progression. Available as a single licence or site licence. Comes with USB cable.


  • Pro-Bot x 6 pcs
  • USB cable x 6 pcs
  • Activity mats (Rally Mat, Amusement Park Mat and UK Map Mat) x 3 pcs
  • Transparent Grid x 1 pcs
  • USB Charge Strip x 1 pcs
  • Probotix site licence




1 year


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