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MakerSpace Parts - Connecting Fittings

MakerSpace Parts - Connecting Fittings


Package contains only Connecting Fittings!

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What is MakerSpace Kit?

MakerSpace Kit is a series of engineering building blocks released for Maker Education. The Kit contains 11 assembly parts of 6 broad categories, packed into 17 boxes. Scientifically proportioned and flexibly configurable, the Kit is designed for various ages and educational institutions with different budgets. Elaborately designed packages are intended to bring better experience of storage and exhibition. Software is also provided for MakerSpace, including complete instructions, integrated operation plans and workshop cases of different difficulties.

The 11 parts are beams 0824 (double-hole beam), beams 0808 (single-hole beam), connectors, basic motion part, motion shafts, hardware and tools, electronic module, motor module, motion module, advanced motion part and large component expansion pack.



  • Various assembly parts.
  • Scientifically proportioned and flexibly configurable.
  • Made from aluminum extrusions. Rigid and professional.
  • Easy storage, aesthetic exhibition and convenient use.
  • Low threshold of use, with great potentials and extensibility.
  • Provides different integrated campus solutions for different users.


Diversified Components

MakeBlock MakerSpace kit contains 1455 components of 255 kinds.

Name Number of kinds Number of components
Beam0824 Structural Parts 12 88
Beam0808 Structural Parts 13 92
Connecting Fittings 18 152
Basic Drive Parts 25 162
Shaft Type Drive Parts 22 208
Hardwares and Tools 34 -
Electronic Modules 44 151
Motor Modules 23 58
Motion Parts 30 394
Advanced Drive parts 24 108
Expansion Packs for Large Parts 10 42
Name Dimension(Length x Width x Height) Net WeightKG
Beam0824 Structural Parts 567 x 335 x 60mm 3.145
Beam0808 Structural Parts 345 x 335 x 60mm 1.915
Connecting Fittings 345 x 335 x 60mm 2.11
Basic Drive Parts 567 x 335 x 60mm 3.13
Shaft Type Drive Parts 345 x 335 x 60mm 2.905
Hardwares and Tools 325 x 235 x 273mm 9.225
Electronic Modules 345 x 335 x 80mm
345 x 335 x 80mm
567 x 335 x 60mm
Motor Modules 345 x 335 x 60mm
345 x 335 x 60mm
Motion Parts 567 x 335 x 80mm
567 x 335 x 80mm
Advanced Drive parts 567 x 335 x 80mm
567 x 335 x 80mm
Expansion Packs for Large Parts 567 x 335 x 60mm
567 x 335 x 60mm


Beam 0824 Structural Parts 

Includes two-hole beam with different size and suitable for building frame, base, and rail bracket etc. of mechanical system. The section dimension is 8mm*24mm and the length rangesfrom 16mm to 192mm.

It could be used to connect with beam 0824, beam 0808, or bracket of different length through the through-hole in the beam, threaded slot in the middle, and threaded hole in end surface to build basic structures, and it could work with sliding rail to build straight-line motion mechanism.


Beam 0808 Structural Parts 

Includes single-hole beam with different size and suitable for building frame and base etc. of mechanical system.

The section dimension is 8mm*8mm and the length ranges from 16mm to 192mm.

It could be used to connect with beam 0824, beam 0808, or bracket of different length through the through-hole in the beam and threaded slot in the middle to build mechanical frame.



Connecting Fittings 

Includes connecting plate and connecting block with different shapes such as right angle shape, U shape, P shape, round shape, and triangle shape. Holes in brackets can work with beams to build system frame, and it is also able to work with bearings to build shafting base and supporting base of motors etc.



Basic Drive Parts 

Includes timing belt drive, gear drive, and screw drive. Timing belt drive series provide stable and high precision linear drive; gear series provide acceleration and deceleration of different drive ratio; screw drive provides linear motion of high precision, big drive ratio, and large torque.



Shaft Type Drive Parts 

Includes drive parts and locating parts of shafts, bearings, bearing brackets, and shaft coupling of 4mm and 8mm in diameter and of different length. They are used to support and locate rotating parts, transmit torque, and change direction of rotation shaft, and they can also work with such parts as gears and synchronous belt pulleys.



Hardwares and Tools 

Includes fasteners of all kinds of screws of hexagon socket button head screws, flat-head cross screws, and headless set screw, plain nuts, locknuts, clinch bolts, studs, and washers, and assembling tools of screw driver, spanners, cable ties, G type and clamps, and they are used to fasten and connect parts.


Electronic Modules 

Includes Me Orion and all kinds of sensors of Me Ultrasonic Sensor, Me Light Sensor, Me Sound Sensor, Me Temperature Sensor, and Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor, and display modules of RGB lamps and numerical tubes, and they can work with mBlock software programming to realize interacting with the physical world.


Motor Modules 

Includes DC motors, stepping motors, servo, encoding motors, and their drive modules, and they provide power output for the system, and the abundant functional categories can meet the different demand of precise position control, speed control, and large torque.


Motion Parts 

Includes motion parts of mecanum omni-directional wheels, caster wheel, timing pulleys, tires, and caterpillar tracks. They can be used as the final actuator of system output, like building structures of wheeled car, and caterpillars.



Advanced Drive Parts

Includes drive parts of high precision, like linear motion guide rails, linear motion shaft, sliding blocks, timing belts, screw drive parts; drive parts of large torque ,like chain sprockets; and stepping motors which can be used for accurate control of position.



Expansion Packs for Large Parts 

Includes Beam 0808, Beam 0824, Beam 2424, slider, and linear motion shaft of 254mm length or above. They can be used to build bigger size system frames, base, or actuators.


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