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SainSmart CNC TB6560 4 Axis Stepper Motor Controller

SainSmart CNC TB6560 4 Axis Stepper Motor Controller
  • Interface with Standard parallel port , support MACH2, KCAM4 series software
  • Limit interface with 4-ways, Plug connector designed fby connecting limit switches as you like
  • Four running mode, such as mixture, fast, low, normal mode
  • The choice of four segments - 1,1 / 2,1 / 8,1 / 16
  • Stability, and small heat,24-36V single power supply input with switching power chip supply 5V power

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Detailed Description : 

The advantages of TB6560AHQ

The advantages at low speed :

  • low vibration and noise: Because the chip comes with an optional sub-2,8,16, enough to meet speed nearly a few to high speed.
  • Less heat: Large enough to heat the chip comes with a separate support the cooling requirements of small current drive
  • Supports a variety of stepper motor: the motor work in the allowed peak torque between 30-50 percent, the motor costs almost the same; the chip set to provide more current file and current decay model, support various parameters under the same power index.

The advantages at high speed :

  • Low vibration and noise: can withstand the peak driving voltage 40V, 3.5A peak current, it provides continuous technical support. when the motor torque in a large, high-speed operation.
  • Supports a variety of stepper motor: the chip provides high current set and multi-profile current decay mode, support the same power index of the various parameters under the stepper motor.
  • Less heat: the embedded drive compact, easy to heat. When it drive in high current , the chip surface to facilitate the external cooling radiator.

Brief performance of ST6560T4 :

We have accumulated many years of design experience in 4-axis engraving machine drive. Its features include:

  • Driving four 3A stepper motor simultaneously, With 5-axis expansion, if you need to extend it
  • Isolated completely high-speed DCDC opt couplers and protect your Pc.
  • Spindle relay output, if you use the mach3 to control spindle start and stop
  • Semi-flow control ,when the motor stop, current is reduced to the minimum stop effectively.
  • The interface with the fans, you can add any fans
  • With 4-way 0.8-3.5A (peak) adjustable current, rated output two-phase bipolar stepper motor driver
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