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MakeBlock - MegaPi Pro

MakeBlock - MegaPi Pro

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What is MegaPi?

MegaPi—Born to Motion Control

MegaPi is a microcontroller board based on ATmega2560. With abundant motor driver interfaces, it can control and combine different kinds of motors rapidly, drive 10 servos and 8 DC motors/ 4 stepper motors simultaneously and have a maximum output current of 10A.

MegaPi can be programmed with Arduino software (IDE) or graphical programming language. It is even better that MegaPi works perfectly with Raspberry Pi, by which makers will be able to drive motors and sensors with Python!

With strong motor-driving ability and ease of use, MegaPi is an ideal option for 3D printer, CNC, robotic project etc.


What can I do with MegaPi?

As what is mentioned above, MegaPi is an ideal option for the projects with higher requirements of driving motors, such as robot-making, 3D printer and CNC. It also meet the needs of Raspberry Pi fans. Just take a look at these brilliant projects:



mGiraffe 3D Printer Kit


Camera Dolly

Mini XY Plotter

CamBot(with Raspberry Pi)

We will continuously renew these projects. Please pay attention!


How to Use MegaPi?

Take it easy! It is quite easy-to-use though with great capabilities. If you are a fan of Arduino or Raspberry Pi, we believe that controlling Mega Pi will be a piece of cake to you, since you must know Arduino IDE or Python programming very well. (Controlling MegaPi through Python programming requires a Raspberry Pi, and you have to weld their communication interfaces together.)

Infinite Extensibility

Graphical Programming

We also prepare graphical programming for the beginner of Maker, making creating robot very easy. We even add the control program of MegaPi into our App, which enables you to control MegaPi with iPad! As congeneric products, MegaPi also need to control motor by motor driver. However, the driver interfaces of MegaPi are encapsulated and anti-reverse, so that you can insert or pull out driver module conveniently.

Driver modules types:

• Stepper motor driver: http://makeblock.com/megapi-encoder-dc-motor-river

• DC/coding electric motor: http://makeblock.com/megapi-stepper-motor-driver-v1

Thus, don't forget to buy motor driver if you intend to do some projects with motor. We prepare some instructions :

User Guide:

Learn: http://learn.makeblock.com/megaPi/

Arduino IDE: http://learn.makeblock.com/learning-Arduino

Makeblock HD App: http://learn.makeblock.com/makeblock-app-hd/

Infinite Extensibility

Who is MegaPi Born for?

Constructing and developing projects like robots, 3D printer and CNC require main control board with stronger motor-driving ability and diversified program languages for users of different levels. MegaPi is exactly born for this. As the newest generation of microcontroller board of Makeblock, it inheres our idea: making creation easy.

• If you are a geek who need a cost-effective board to make your infinitive creative ideas into practice;

• If you are a teacher or a student of STEM education who desires to learn open-source hardware and program language;

• If you are a cool parent who wants to create something, enjoying DIY with your kids,MegaPi will be the best choice for you.


• Four motor driver interfaces for adding encoder motor driver and stepper motor driver, and thus to drive DC motors, encoder motors and stepper motors;

• One wireless communication interface for adding Bluetooth module or 2.4G module;

• Ten servo interfaces which enable the board to drive up to 10 servos at the same time;

• Two high-power MOS driver interface which is able to drive devices with a maximum current of 10A. Maximum output: DC 5V 3A;

• One Raspberry Pi switch interface (requires manual soldering) to realize 5V to 3.3V serial communication.


Introducing Interfaces of MegaPi and Other Plug-in Modules


The various colors on MegaPi represents specialized functions:

• Red pin--power output/motor output;

• Yellow pin--I/O pin;

• Blue pin--wireless communication interface;

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