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Codey Rocky Education Version - single

Codey Rocky Education Version - single

168,50 €

1 269,56 HRK


No products added yet

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What is codey  rocky?

Codey Rocky is a coding robot for STEAM education. It provides an entertainment learning experience of programming for children of ages 6+.

The combination of easy-to-use robotics hardware with block-based programming software mBlock 5, guarantees that beginners can get started coding within minutes. With just one click you can turn your visual code into Python code and continue learning an advanced and practical language.

mBlock 5 supports AI-functionality and Internet of Things-functionality, giving children access to AI and IoT since young and thus equipping them with stronger competence in an age of intelligence. 

Codey is the controller with different sensors and a programmable main control. It can be used alone mainly for teaching tasks. Moreover, it can work with the chassis Rocky to perform more tasks. 


Rocky is the chassis and can work only by matching with Codey. With Rocky, it can avoid obstacles, recognize colors, follow lines and etc. 


new mBlock 5 for Codey Rocky is based on MIT's visual programming software Scratch 3.0 with more upgraded features. With its block-based programming language, programming is easy as building blocks.

Easy to Start Creating Simple Projects

Compared to the previous verison, mBot V1.1 comes with a casing specially designed for protecting main control board. Meanwhile, the casing is atomized to safeguard children's eyes from the glare of the onboard LED.

Low-entry for Beginners to Learn AI; Fun with IoT, Seize the Future Ahead

Switch to Python with One Click

With just one click you can turn your graphical code into Python code. You can continue learning an advanced and practical language by programming to the sprites and hardware with the professional code editor.


Infinite Extensibility

Compatible with Makeblock Neuron

Have fun with 10+ programmable sensors


Unique Curriculum System

makeblock education:

16 periods of PBL programming courses for free; Designed by American CSTA standard. Coming out in May 2018. Stay tuned! 

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Name Codey Rocky
Main control Chip ESP32
Transmission Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB
Control platform MacOS/Windows/Linux/Chrome OS/iOS
Battery Lithium battery: 3.7V 950mAh
Sensors Codey: LED matrix screen, Loudspeaker, RGB light, Buttons, Gear potentiometer, Sound sensor, Light sensor, Gyroscope and accelerometer, IR transmitter, IR receiver, Volume sensor
Rocky: IR color sensor, DC geared motor
Material ABS
Supported programming language

Graphical programming: Scratch 3.0

Text programming: Python
Part List
1 × Codey 1 × Rocky 1 × Lanyard
1 × Micro USB data cable 8 × Codey Rocky Color Card 1 × Name Sticker

Software Download


Manuals Download

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