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Bluetooth modul - HC-07

Bluetooth modul - HC-07

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Key Features

*support Master and Slave mode, modify by AT commander

1. CSR Bluetooth Chip Solution
2. Bluetooth Spec v2.0+EDR Compliant
3. Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) compliant with V2.0.E.2 of specification for both 2Mbps and 3Mbps modulation modes
4. Full Speed Bluetooth Operation with Full Piconet Support and Scatternet Support
5. Increadible samll size with 3.3V input, and RoHS Compliant
6. UART interface and with baudrate setup function
7. Support for 8Mbit External Flash Onboard
8. Support for 802.11Co-Existence

Product Description

The Bluetooth UART RS232 serial Converter Module can easily transfer the UART data through the wireless Bluetooth, without complex PCB layout or deep knowledge in the Bluetooth software stack, you can combine this bluetooth module with your system:

* MCU, ARM or DSP systems.
* SOC systems.
* Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
* Computer Accessories
* Other systems your want to use under bluetooth functions.



CSR solution, Bluetooth V2.0 protocol

support AT commander

support Master and Slave mode, modify by AT commander

support 1200-115200 baudrate

3.3V single supply

Size: core module: 28mm*15mm*2.35mm, whole module:35.33mm*19.6mm*3.7mm

current: 30mA MAX

can be used with all MCU by UART port

2 indicator lights


TXD: sender, usually expressed as its sender, then another when normal communications equipment RXD.

RXD: Receive-side, generally expressed as their receiver, then another when normal communications equipment TXD
.When normal communications will always take their devices TXD RXD!
Spontaneous self-closing: As the name suggests, is to receive its own transmitted data is received their own TXD RXD, used to send and receive test itself is normal. Also known as loop-back test.

The module has been integrated MAX3232 serial conversion circuit, and with a two DB9 male and one female head, no matter what your equipment is male or female can be connected with the module, the Bluetooth pairing can not respond to AT commands, paired then as a transparent serial transmission of data, the module requires an external power supply, a 3.3V module integrated LDO, the power from the module's power input TTL interface, TTL interface, TXD, RXD for the HC06 module's serial port directly to the output, when the module can not be set higher than 115200bps reset via DB9 connectors, you can use USB to serial interface to re-set by the lower baud rate.

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