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Alarm Clock Kit for BBC micro:bit

Alarm Clock Kit for BBC micro:bit

BBC micro:bit extension kit that can be used to create a clock, alarm, alarm clock…

Connect time, light and sound with the Kitronik alarm clock set, with fun and practical exercises to learn more about ZIP Halo HD features.

Works with BBC micro:bit v1 & v2.

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  • Includes all the necessary parts to make a BBC micro:bit alarm clock
  • Very easy to assemble and no soldering required.
  • The battery can last up to two years.
  • Power is possible with a mobile phone charger of at least 1A and 5V
  • Includes a stand that is easy to assemble
  • Additional Kitronik custom blocks for ZIP Halo HD for MakeCod are also available (three additional blocks, for LEDs, microphone and clock).
  • Works with BBC micro:bit v1 & v2.


The base of this educational set is the ZIP Halo HD board - a circular interface with 60 colorful LEDs into which the BBC micro:bit is inserted.

The set contains a very simple mechanical assembly for making an alarm clock, without the need for soldering and complex wiring. It also includes power accessories and is supported by a series of fun guides that introduce users to the fun features of this educational set. All guides and resources are free and no registration required.






This kit does not include a BBC micro:bit. Buy it here (v1) or here (v2).

The training set contains a modified version of the Halo HD, with a 2.1 mm power connector on the back of the board and a housing for the CR1220 3V button battery. This modified version is only available through this kit.

Path: > > > Alarm Clock Kit for BBC micro:bit


60 individually addressable LEDs

RTC module (real time clock)

MEMS microfon

Piezo buzzer

BBC micro:bit edge port for plug and play environment!

P1 and P2 derive standard sizes of 0.1 ”

M3 drilling holes for various other projects

Button holder CR1220 3V

Power supply of the RTC module via a CR1220 3V button battery

The 3V power regulator to power the connected BBC micro:bit eliminates the need for a separate BBC micro:bit power supply.

ON / OFF switch for extended battery life. In the off position, the built-in coin cell battery maintains the memory in the RTC chip.


  •        ZIP Halo HD Diameter: 87mm.
  •        M3 Mounting Holes Spacing (Center to Center): 68.4mm.


Kitronik Halo HD for BBC micro:bit x 1

M3 x* 8 mm maschine screw x 4

1 x Set of laser cut Perspex stand parts x 1

CR1220 3V coin cell battery x 1

Plastic spacers x 2

 3AA Battery holder also fitted with a DC Jack x 1

A USB-B to 2.1mm jack cable, rated for 5V, 1.5A x 1

Getting started booklet x 1

A plastic reusable shipping and storage container x 1


Additional Online MakeCode Tutorials


MicroPython Example Code for a Simple Clock


Basic Clock Tutorial.


Adjustable Clock Tutorial


Alarm Clock Tutorial


Wake Up Alarm Clock Tutorial


Additional Online Resources For Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit



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