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Kitronik :CREATE Interface board for BBC micro:bit & Fischertechnik

Kitronik :CREATE Interface board for BBC micro:bit & Fischertechnik

Connect BBC micro:bit with Fischertechnik construction elements and devices!

Works with BBC micro:bit v1 & v2. 

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  • The :CREATE BBC micro:bit interface for Fischertechnik provides an alternative method for managing the engines and components of the Fischertechnik kit.
  • The interface is designed to be powered by a 9-volt PP3 battery (as used in Fischertechnik kits) and produces a regulated 3V power supply to power the BBC micro:bit.
  • It also includes a power on / off switch. It contains gold-plated slots for Fischertechnik plugs for connecting components from the Fischertechnik kit.
  • The BBC micro:bit can be inserted into the edge connector in both directions.
  • Custom MakeCode blocks can be added to the editor.
  • An example of MicroPython code is available.
  • The board contains status LEDs that make it easier to detect problems.


The printed circuit board is designed so that it can be easily connected to Fischertechnik construction components.

There are 2 input / output terminals and 2 pushbutton inputs, each paired with ground and 2 pairs of connectors for electric motors. The corresponding pins for BBC micro:bit are marked in the table in the instructions and on the printed circuit board. The board is designed so that the BBC micro:bit can be plugged directly into the edge connector. BBC micro:bit can be inserted in both directions.

The board also has status LEDs. There are LEDs for terminals 0, 1, 2, 3 and two motor outputs. The engine light indicators not only monitor the activity, they also show in which direction each engine is running, green in one direction and red in the other. These LEDs are a great way to visually solve code problems, and even allow you to test the code without having to connect a motor or device to terminals 0, 1, 2, 3.

Custom MakeCode blocks and an example of MicroPython code have been created to help you get started right away. To add blocks to the MakeCode editor; click the gear icon near the Microsoft logo, select 'Extensions', type Kitronik in the search box. Select the correct extension and it will be added to your menu.

An example code in MycroPython can be found here.


Programming interface

MakeCode Editor

  •        Blocks
  •        Javascript
  •        Python

Programming applications:







BBC micro:bit not included. It is available here. (v1) or here (v2).

Fischertechnik  construction components are not included.

Path: > > > Kitronik :CREATE Interface board for BBC micro:bit & Fischertechnik



Pin P0

Input/Output pin.

Pin P1

Input/Output pin.

Pin P5/SW A

Switch A pin.

Pin P11/SW B

Switch B pin.

Pin P8

Motor 1 control line.

Pin P12

Motor 1 control line.

Pin P2

Motor 2 control line.

Pin P16

Motor 2 control line.


  •        Lenght: 79 mm.
  •        Width: 66 mm.
  •        Maximum height: 17.2 mm.
  •        PCB thickness: 1.6 mm.


BBC micro:bit Fisher Technik Interface Datasheet


MakeCode Blocks on GitHub.


MicroPython Examples on GitHub


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