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Arduino Explore IoT Kit REV2

Arduino Explore IoT Kit REV2

Innovate, create, transform: take your first step in building internet-connected objects. Explore the Internet of Things with Arduino Education.

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Get advanced high school and college students started with creating connected devices - known as the Internet of Things - quickly and easily. They’ll learn how to build internet-connected objects   such as a home security alarm, a classroom tracker, and an urban farming device, by following the content step-by-step tutorials for ten different projects - fun, creative experiments with real-life components. Create connections, make a complex subject simple, allow students to innovate, and enhance their understanding of real-world technology with the Arduino Explore IoT Kit.

  • Educators have all the guidance and support they need
  • Arduino Create is included, so you get unlimited compilation time, more storage and the possibility of syncing up to 20 “properties”, such as LED status, display values, and text interface, which gives you the full Arduino IoT Cloud experience
  • The exclusive MKR IoT Carrier allows you to focus on prototyping and programming instead of wiring and troubleshooting your board. Just connect the device to your computer and you’re ready to go!

Content review is available here. 


  • Get started quickly and easily with the Internet of Things
  • Make a complex subject simple and accessible
  • Enhance students’ understanding of real-world technology and its applications
  • Learn critical future skills for 21st century careers
  • Be an innovator - learn how to use technology to make an impact on society
  • Build functional prototypes inspired by real-world applications
  • Gain confidence in designing and making your own connected projects
  • Combine your knowledge with actual industry innovations


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a giant network of connected devices that collect and share data from all over the world, and it’s changing the way we live, work and study. Learning about the IoT requires students to understand and use different tools, technologies, and programming languages. With the Arduino Explore IoT Kit, you can get advanced high school and college students started with creating connected devices quickly and easily. They’ll learn how to build internet-connected objects by following the content with step-by-step tutorials for ten different activities - fun, creative experiments with real-life components.

The activities in the kit teach students how to collect and present data (for example, by building a weather station), how to use these devices and services safely and securely (by creating a home security alarm), and they’ll have more tools to design and make their own projects or tweak existing ones. Learning these skills now can also help their future career prospects.

All the activities adopt a learning-by-doing approach, through which students acquire knowledge step-by-step by constructing fully functional solutions, including experiments, challenges and building meaningful applications.

What is Arduino Explore IoT Kit?

The Arduino Explore IoT Kit is the gateway to the digital world of connected objects and people, and helps you get advanced high school and college students started with the fundamental concepts of the Internet of Things quickly and easily.

Students will learn to harness the power of the Arduino IoT Cloud to gather data, understand how devices communicate with each other, and which tools to use to facilitate communication. They’ll also learn about data management, analysis, and computational thinking - serious technology made simple as it’s based on open hardware and plug-and-play connections.


Each kit contains an Arduino board (MKR WiFi 1010), new MKR IoT Carrier REV2 developed specially for this kit, a collection of sensors and actuators, access to an online platform that helps students take their first steps into the world of IoT, and access to the Arduino IoT Cloud with a subscription to Arduino Create, a platform that enables students to test their experiments.


What's the MKR IoT Carrier?

The MKR IoT Carrier helps you focus more on software and testing by making it easier to build your circuits. The MKR IoT Carrier is an extension of your board and makes wiring and troubleshooting easier, so you can focus on prototyping your ideas and programming. Just connect your device to the computer and you’re ready to go!



The Arduino Explore IoT Kit has been created to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Internet of Things. After looking into current academic and industrial standards, we have identified important concepts this kit should touch upon for students to learn how devices communicate and the tools used to facilitate communication, data management, analysis, and computational thinking  by using real-world sensors to capture meaningful data from the environment and modify it by remotely controlling actuators such as LEDs, buzzers, displays, through the Cloud.

  • Using the IoT Cloud and connected devices
    • Control physical objects, such as a displays or lights, remotely with the Arduino IoT Cloud
  • Collecting, processing, and storing data
    • Store data locally, wirelessly and remotely for analysis and backup
  • Graphing and visualizing data and understanding its meaning
    • Use different tools and techniques to graph data and interpret the information collected
  • Serial communication, APIs, JSON, and web servers
    • Learn the essentials of how APIs (application programming interfaces) work, how to access remote web servers, and how to store the incoming data in JSON objects to create devices that can access all sorts of data from all over the world, and display it locally
  • Network security considerations
    • Understand how software developers protect devices and information from unauthorized access
  • Different sensors and how to use them
    • Investigate the environment using temperature, humidity, and light sensors
  • Collect data about movement using an accelerometer, pressure, and motion sensors
    • Take care of your plants by following the data from moisture and UV light sensors
  • Actuators and how to use them
    • Use lights, sound, display and relays, and electronic components used to activate high power devices, to visualize data and control external devices

Path: > > > Arduino Explore IoT Kit REV2


Arduino MKR 1010

MKR IoT Carrier which includes:

  •        Relay - 24 V x 2
  •        SD card holder x 1
  •        Tactile button x 5
  •        Plug and play connectors for different sensors
  •        Temperature sensor x 1
  •        Humidity sensor x 1
  •        Pressure sensor x 1
  •        UV sensor x 1
  •        Accelerometer x 1
  •        RGB 1.20" rounded display x 1
  •        18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery holder x 1
  •        RGB LED x 5

Plug-and-play cables for all the sensors

Moisture sensor

PIR sensor

Micro USB cable


Access to Arduino Create, an integrated online platform that enables you to write code, access content, configure boards, and share projects. Use the Web Editor to program your board, connect multiple devices with the Arduino IoT Cloud, browse a collection of projects on Arduino Project Hub, and connect remotely to your boards with Arduino Device Manager. Using the IoT Cloud and Arduino Web Editor means you can control, test, and monitor all your experiments.

The Explore IoT Kit includes a 12 months free trial to the Arduino Create Maker Plan. Once the trial expires you will need to renew the subscription to the maker plan by going to this page. The Arduino Create Maker Plan included in the kit offers unlimited compilation time and extended access to some of the features of the Arduino IoT Cloud allowing teachers to run their classes with the certainty that they won’t find any limitation on them. If you don’t renew your Maker Plan subscription, you will be automatically downgraded to the Arduino Create Free Plan. This plan (Arduino Create Free Plan) offers lower compilation time per day, and limit the access to some of the features of the Arduino IoT Cloud, which means that only 3 out of the 10 activities of the kit can be completed with it.

Access to an online platform with all the content,  information and activities you need to learn the basics of IoT in one place.

10 step-by-step hands-on activities, covering the fundamentals of IoT:

  •            Hardware
  •            Networking
  •            Algorithms and programming
  •            Security
  •            Data handling

10 open-ended challenges

What is the Arduino Cloud School plan?

The School plan is a one-stop-shop for facilitating STEM projects in the classroom.
It gives you access to an enhanced classroom environment in the Arduino Cloud where you and your students can benefit from the full learning content, access to additional resources, shared spaces to work on shared projects, and further integration with Google Classroom™.Here’s what you get with the School plan:
  •      Unlimited storage and compilation time for all your students’ sketches
  •      Dashboards that visualize without any restrictions
  •      Easier troubleshooting and grading with Google Classroom™ integration
  •      Deeper student knowledge with exclusive guides on using the hardware and help with coding
  •      Boost students’ creativity and innovation with more lessons and projects 
  •      Stay organized with easy management and student enrolment

How does the Arduino Cloud School plan work?

The School plan works on a pay-per-member basis. As long as you have active slots, you can easily invite, change, or remove members when you need to. Admin members have access to the management plan section, and can easily modify and customize the plan or review invoices and billing information.

How are the Arduino Cloud and Explore IoT Kit Rev2  related?

Using the Explore IoT Kit Rev2 with the School plan allows you to unlock more features and access the full content. For example, you get access to 10 real-world projects and additional sensor activities to study sustainability issues using data analysis, and build solutions using advanced IoT systems.

How do my students access the full content that comes with the School plan?

Students get access to the full content by invitation from the teacher to join a “shared space”. Once you purchase the School plan that best suits you, you can create a “shared space”. A space is an environment where all members of the group can benefit from the same plan and the features of that plan.

In a School Shared Space, members can access extra courses, use Arduino Cloud tools (including the Web Editor and IoT Cloud) with no limitations,  and access Arduino useful resources and documentation.

As a teacher, you can either set up a space or join a space via email invitation. Once in, you will be able to explore your school’s shared space features.

Do I have to purchase the Explore IoT Kit Rev2 to access lessons and activities?

When you purchase the Explore IoT Kit Rev2, you get access to basic content consisting of teacher, onboarding and troubleshooting guides, one real-world sustainability project and two sensor activities. You do this by using the kit with the Arduino Cloud Free Plan.

When you subscribe to the School plan, you get access to the full content, which includes 10 real-world sustainability projects, 11 sensor activities, and foundational content.

Whether you use the free plan or subscribe to the School plan, you'll need the Explore IoT Kit Rev2 to complete the activities and projects.

How do I access the basic content?

Go to the Arduino Cloud website and sign in to your Arduino account. If you have the free plan, you’ll be able to see the basic content in the Courses section on the menu on the left. To access the full content, you’ll need to purchase the School plan













Total Sketches

The maximum number of sketches allowed in your sketchbook.




The amount of space to store your sketches and libraries.

100 MB

200 MB

Compilation Time

Amount of time available to verify code and upload it to your board.

200 s/day



The number of connected objects available.




Number of properties available per each Thing.



Cloud Data Retention

The number of days your properties historical data will be retained in Arduino IoT Cloud.

1 day

15 days

Cloud API requests per second

Manage things and their properties calling REST API, or simply using sdk in javascript, python and go

1 req/s

10 req/s

Cloud-enabled Linux Devices

The number of cloud-enabled Linux devices available to set up and control remotely.



• UP2 Grove IoT Development Kit

• Raspberry Pi

• BeagleBone

• Generic Intel®-based Platform

• Arm®-based Platform

• UP 2 AI Vision Kit

• Arduino Pro Gateway with Lora Connectivity



Cloud-enabled Arduino Boards

The number of cloud-enabled Arduino boards available to set up and control remotely.


• MKR 1000

• MKR WIFI 1010

• MKR GSM 1400

• MKR WAN 1300

• MKR WAN 1310

• Nano 33 IoT

5 in total

5 for each Arduino bord type

Cloud-enabled 3rd Party Boards


The number of cloud-enabled Generic boards available to set up and control remotely, like the LoraWAN Device (generic Lora) or ESP8266 boards.



Custom Library editing

Possibility to edit existing libraries or modify your own imported ones.


Chrome App Access

Access to Arduino Create Chrome App, to code online from your Chrome OS.


3rd Party Boards support on Web Editor

Possibility to verify and upload to additional boards like the ESP8266 boards. Available only using Arduino Create Agent, not available using the Chromeapp.



Arduino IoT Cloud Remote - Mobile App

Arduino IoT Cloud Remote is a powerful companion for your Arduino IoT Cloud. Access all your IoT Cloud dashboards from your phone and control your Internet of Things projects from anywhere.

Download iOS app



$ 6.99/month

Plus applicable taxes

More details here.

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