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The Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is a board with many built-in sensors.

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The Nano 33 BLE Sense (3.3V, with headers) is Arduino’s AI enabled board in the smallest available form factor: 45x18mm!

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense comes with a series of embedded sensors:

  • 9 axis inertial sensor: what makes this board ideal for wearable devices
  • humidity, and temperature sensor: to get highly accurate measurements of the environmental conditions
  • barometric sensor: you could make a simple weather station
  • microphone: to capture and analyze sound in real-time
  • gesture, proximity, light color, and light intensity sensor: estimate the room’s luminosity, but also whether someone is moving close to the board
The main feature of this board, besides the impressive selection of sensors, is the possibility of running Edge Computing applications (AI). You can create your machine learning models using TensorFlow™ Lite and upload them to your board using the Arduino IDE.
Path: > > > > Arduino NANO 33 BLE SENSE WITH HEADERS

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is based on the nRF52840 microcontroller.

  • Microcontroller: nRF52840 (datasheet)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Input Voltage (limit): 21V
  • DC Current per I/O Pin: 15 mA
  • Clock Speed: 64MHz
  • CPU Flash Memory: 1MB (nRF52840)
  • SRAM: 256KB (nRF52840)
  • EEPROM: none
  • Digital Input / Output Pins: 14
  • PWM Pins: all digital pins
  • UART: 1
  • SPI: 1
  • I2C: 1
  • Analog Input Pins: 8 (ADC 12 bit 200 ksamples)
  • Analog Output Pins: Only through PWM (no DAC)
  • External Interrupts: all digital pins
  • USB: Native in the nRF52840 Processor
  • IMU: LSM9DS1 (datasheet)
  • Microphone: MP34DT05 (datasheet)
  • Gesture, light, proximity: APDS9960 (datasheet)
  • Barometric pressure: LPS22HB (datasheet)
  • Temperature, humidity: HTS221 (datasheet)
  • Length: 45 mm
  • Width: 18 mm
  • Weight: 5 gr (with headers)

Batteries, Pins and board LEDs

  • Batteries: the Nano 33 BLE Sense has no battery connector, nor charger. You can connect any external battery of your liking as long as you respect the voltage limits of the board.
  • Vin: This pin can be used to power the board with a DC voltage source. If the power is fed through this pin, the USB power source is disconnected. This pin is an INPUT. Respect the voltage limits to assure the proper functionality of the board.
  • 5V: This pin outputs 5V from the board when powered from the USB connector or from the VIN pin of the board. Note: for it to work, you need to short the VBUS jumper on the back of the board.
  • 3.3V: This pin outputs 3.3V through the on-board voltage regulator. Note: for ultra low-power functionality, you should cut the 3V3 jumper on the back of the board, and use an external battery at 3V3.
  • LED ON: This LED is connected to the 5V input from either USB or VIN.
  • I2C pins: As opposed to other Arduino Nano boards, pins A4 and A5 have an internal pull up and default to be used as an I2C Bus so usage as analog inputs is not recommended.
  • NFC: There is the possibility of attaching an external NFC antenna between pins D7 and D8 to activate Bluetooth® pairing of the board over NFC.

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