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Cubify ProJet 1200 3D Printer

Cubify ProJet 1200 3D Printer

Short Description:

ProJet 1200 delivers fast, ultra hi-res prints for your biggest dreams and smallest projects. It has pro capabilities with prints ready for metal casting and product development. But, if you just want to have fun, it will take you well beyond your hobbyist expectations. 

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Availability : 5-7 work days

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Detailed Description:

3D Systems ProJet® 1200

Professional 3D Printer

All-in-one micro-SLA

Quickly and economically print micro-SLA, detailed parts for casting, prototyping and end-use parts.

The ProJet® 1200 is ideal for small, precise, detail-rich parts and casting patterns, such as jewelry, electronic components and dental wax-ups. Smaller than most coffee makers and faster than baking a cake, this new printer is economical to own, safe to operate anywhere and simple to use.

This revolutionary micro-SLA ProJet® 1200 delivers unmatched part accuracy and surface smoothness. With a 43 x 27 x 150mm (1.69 x 1.06 x 5.9 inches) print volume, the ProJet® 1200 prints 30 micron layers at a 585 dpi resolution resulting in fine feature-details reflecting true-to-CAD accuracy.

This printer integrates 3D Systems' VisiJet® FTX materials – 6 durable and rigid materials that are tailored for plastic prototyping and casting patterns making it ideal for jewelers, dental labs, and designers of very small detail products such as collectibles and electronic component parts.


Smallest, most economical, precision 3D part

  • Maximize your dollar – The ProJet 1200 achieves unmatched part accuracy and smoothness for the price, with layer thickness at 30 microns.
  • Make precise parts – 585 dpi print resolution means you see every detail of your dental restorations, jewelry models and more.
  • Accelerate your work-flow – Fast print times allow you to keep up with your constant need for precision parts. Print 12 dental wax-ups in an hour and five rings in two hours.
  • Get started with 3D printing at an economical price – The ProJet 1200’s affordability and its inexpensive prints make it easier than ever to adopt 3D printing. Print a ring for less than $1 in materials.
  • Get started quickly – The ProJet 1200 features a convenient size and push-button operation.


Build Materials:

  • VisiJet® FTX Cast Cartridge (Pack of 10)

  • VisiJet® FTX Clear Cartridge (Pack of 10)

  • VisiJet® FTX Silver Cartridge (Pack of 10)

  • VisiJet® FTX Green Material (10 pack)

  • VisiJet® FTX Gray Cartridge (Pack of 10)

  • VisiJet® FTX Gold Cartridge (Pack of 10)

Perfect detail makes perfect prints

Create small, precise, detail-rich prototype parts, and casting patterns for your jewelry designs, figurines, and parts. Print in the size of 1.69 x 1.06 x 5.9” and in ultra high resolution 30 micron print layers.

Print faster than baking a cake

Faster than baking a cake, this desktop professional printer is fast for high-volume use, economical to own, safe to operate anywhere, and simple to use.

Smaller than a coffee machine, fit for your workshop or office

Sustainable and safe all-in-one material cartridges make it hassle and waste free as prints are cured inside the printer. Excess material is reused for later prints.

Integrate your printer for a seamless work/life flow

The ProJet 1200 fits nicely amongst your smallest tools and gadgets. As a network-based printer, you can print from inside your home to outside in your garage or workshop, or the whole team can easily access the printer in the office.



  • ProJet 1200 dimensions: 9(w) x 14(h) x 9(d) inches / 22.86(w) x 35.56(h) x 22.86(d) cm
  • ProJet 1200 weight: 20 lbs
  • Box Dimensions: 15(w) x 21.25(h) x 15(d) inches / 38.1(w) x 53.98(h) x 38.1(d) cm
  • Boxed Weight: 26 Lbs


  • Wired: Ethernet
  • Requirements: ProJet 1200 Printer Software


  • Technology: Micro-SLA
  • Maximum build size: 1.69(w) x 5.9(h) x 1.06(d) inches / 4.29(w) x 14.99(h) x 2.69(d) cm
  • Material: VisiJet FTX Green, UV Curable Plastic
  • Layer Thickness: 0.0012 inches
  • Supports: Use VisitJet FTX Green, with manual removal
  • Cartridges: All-in-one cartridge with built-in print window


  • Description: Comes with print control software with built-in STL verification
  • Operating System: Windows 32 and 64-bitWindows 8Windows 7

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